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Week beg. 4/5/20

Hello Radiant Rhinos 🦏  (I’ve tried some alliteration there- like it?), 

Well done for completing another week of home learning! We’re one week closer to this all being over and things getting back to normal- who are you going to hug first?!

It’s lovely to see so many of you using Seesaw! If you’ve not managed to log-in yet or have lost your details, please let me know.

Attached are the suggested work packs next week. Don’t forget to check Busy Things and Mathletics as they have also been updated.

As you’ve been learning about volcanoes, I thought I’d include one of my favourite SATs reading booklets. It’s from 2007- an oldie but a goody- and is all themed around Pompeii. It might be nice for you to have a little go at it and will also give you some exposure to the SAT format. This is completely optional, and is obviously intended for the end of year 6, but the texts are super interesting and I bet you can have a go at some of the questions (each section starts with easier questions and then they get progressively harder).

Please drop me an email or message on Seesaw if you’d like any more help or support.  Take care yourselves and remain positive- we'll get through this!

Best wishes,

Rachel 😎