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The Curriculum

After our very successful Ofsted inspection in November 2021 where inspectors noted:

Leaders have empowered teachers to lead their subjects well. Subject leaders have constructed a meaningful and increasingly ambitious curriculum. Their plans are logical. They highlight the most important pieces of knowledge that pupils need to learn. Staff also include opportunities to revisit key themes. As a result, pupils’ learning securely builds on their prior knowledge

We continue to develop an ambitious and relevant curriculum for our pupils.

At Kew Riverside, we have identified 4 drivers that shape our curriculum and these can be seen in teachers’ planning, lesson observations and children’s responses. The choice was deliberate, based on: i) our school ethos and what we deem important, ii) on our ever developing pedagogy to ensure all children make progress and iii) on our baseline data – having identified the social disadvantage gaps, not only do we aim to fill them but turn them into strengths. These elements are:



Mixed Aged Classes:

In 2022, Kew Riverside entered a new chapter and transitioned to a mixed-age class model of teaching. We currently have five mixed aged classes combining 2 year groups in each class.




This has provided many benefits for the children of our school. We have found children partake in peer coaching, collaboration and form stronger social interaction between peer groups. It has offered flexibility in learning opportunities and strong scope for challenging and support within lessons.

Our recent parent and pupil surveys has showcased the success of this transition.

Positive Response from School Community:

“I’ve made lots of new friends and worked with different children.”

“We get to learn together and support each other. I’ve enjoyed coaching the Year 5 children to help them to understand.”

“I like that we can re-cap learning from last year because it helps me to remember.”

 One of the exciting changes which came from our mixed age classes was how we revamped our whole curriculum to ensure children are learning a an exceptional, engaging and enriching educational experience.

We follow a Cycle A and Cycle B model of working to ensure children are learning and building upon their knowledge across each subject.

See below for our Cycle A and Cycle B foundation overview.