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School Uniform

We are currently transitioning to a new school logo and uniform. As your children grow out of their current items please replace them with the uniform below. From September 23 the transition to the new uniform will be complete.

Children should come to school wearing the school uniform as it promotes a sense of pride in our school. It is practical and smart and also gives children a sense of belonging.

In addition, it reduces expenditure for parents/carers and prevents children from coming to school in ‘fashion’ clothes that could be distracting.

Therefore, we ask you to ensure your children come to school in the correct uniform.

School Jumpers, Cardigans and logo polo shirts are available at:

The Shoe Station
Kew Village, 12 Station Parade


  • School Jumper (Teal Green with new logo)
  • White polo shirt
  • Black, formal straight legged, plain trousers / Black skirts or Green pinafore dresses (No cargo pants or leggings)
  • Black ‘sturdy’ shoes or non-marking, non-flashing all-black trainers (no coloured logos/'swooshes')
  • Socks (white/black) / Tights (black)


  • Black shorts / Green checked dress / Black skirts or Green pinafore dresses
  • Socks (white/black) / Tights (black)
  • Shoes/Sandals – Black only (no open toes, no boots) or non-marking, non-flashing all-black trainers (no coloured logos/'swooshes')
  • School green 'OAK' hat. 
    Remember "No Hat No Play"!



  •  Green T-Shirt with new school logo
  •  Black shorts
  •  Black tracksuit
  •  Plain black or white trainers


  • Green School Backpack with new school logo
  • Teal green headscarves


  • Black, white or green plain alice bands or hair clips
  • Earrings – plain studs only
  • Small, simple watch (No smart watches)

Please Remember

  • Label everything with secure tags or permanent marker!
  • Children should come into school dressed in their PE Kits on their allocated PE days
  • Long hair should always be tied up and plain 'Alice' bands used
  • Trousers need to be plain – no jeans, cargo, cord or combat-style
  • 'Subtle' logos please (PE kit / tracksuits)
  • No boots or Wellington boots in school (You can wear them to school, but must change into school shoes)
  • If shoes are worn, they need to be ‘sturdy’ and waterproof. All-black trainers (with laces or velcro) are acceptable.  Plimsolls can be worn for PE but not with uniform.
  • Non-uniform trainers can be brought to school and changed into for playtimes only
  • If your child is in Year 5 or Year 6 and walk home alone, they may bring their mobile phone into school. During the day it will be kept in a locked box.
  • The school accept no liability for the loss or damage to any personal items brought into school


If children come into school without the correct uniform they will be sent home with a School Uniform Letter.

Dear parent/carer Dates

Today ___________________________ did not have the correct uniform as she/he

was wearing _______________________________________________________________

Please ensure that your child comes to school in the correct uniform.

If you would like a copy of the uniform guidance please contact the office. If you would

like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to come and see me.