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Reception Admissions

A warm welcome to you if you have been allocated a space for your child at Kew Riverside Primary School for the next academic year.

If you are worried about anything or need more information on the next steps, a letter will be sent out in May.  Otherwise, please feel free to contact the school on 0208 487 8437.

Thinking about starting school is an exciting time for a child.  We have carefully devised a structured planned approach to the induction of all new children.

Home visits – Children who are starting school for the first time will receive a home visit from their new class teacher and another member of staff.  The purpose of this visit is for:

  • The child to meet the new adults within their own environment
  • The teacher to understand as much as possible about the learning that the child has already experienced in the first four years of their life

During the home visit the teacher will play with the child and ask them some questions.  The other adult will ask the parents/carers several questions.  Some of this information will be used to plan the first few days at school to help make the transition from home to school smooth.

Open Evening – Summer Term.  There will be an open evening for parents/carers to meet staff and learn about the year ahead and the curriculum.

Summer Term Open morning(s) - There will be an open morning for parents/carers and children to visit the school so that the child can see the classroom and the parent/carer can discuss the new environment with her/him during June/July.
First Half Term - The children start part-time initially (8:55 – 12:00).  Their start dates are staggered, so that individual time can be spent settling the children into the routines.

Full Time – it is expected that most children will start full time the week before the half term holiday in October.  Prior to this, the children will stay for lunch the week before.