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Please note, the school day times printed within the prospectus are incorrect and as of 12th March 2020 please visit the  School Day tab

Our Vision Statements

To help our children become confident, resilient and socially responsible individuals who set and achieve the highest standards for themselves.

To provide a broad and rich curriculum that engages each and every child with indoor and outdoor learning of the highest quality.

To work in partnership with the whole school community, respond to its voice and value its diversity.

Our Mission Statements

During every school day

...children engage with a broad and rich curriculum that meets their needs and helps them achieve their full potential.

...we plan stimulating experiences, inside and outside of school, where children learn and develop new skills, knowledge and understanding.

...children build values that will help support their confidence and their resilience in life beyond the school gate.

...our children are happy, safe and secure.

...the school community celebrates the importance of its cultural diversity, learning from one another in order to cooperate and collaborate.