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Kew Riverside Primary School

Children at the heart of everything we do


Throughout 2016-17 we consulted with parents and staff and regularly look to improve and enhance reporting on attainment and progress.

During the school year, we produce an 'snapshot' of your child's attainment and progress each term in reading, writing and maths and for all subjects in the spring and summer.  This will ensure that you no longer need to just rely on twice-yearly parent consultations to be informed about how well your child is doing.  We also hold three open afternoons each year for parents to talk with their children, with their books, about their learning.

We describe the children's attainment and progress in terms of an 'Age and Stage' descriptor.  Each year, the children are expected to move through these stages from whichever start point to the next year.  The stages are:






To reach each stage, the children must achieve personal targets set.  In this way, we are focusing on closing gaps in the children's knowledge, skills and understanding before moving them on.  The expected pathway for each year group is mapped out below.

Our Presentation, Marking and Feedback Policy and our Assessment policy are updated regularly.