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  • New Starters - Reception 2020

    Published 16/04/20

    The 16th April is the official offer day for school places for children starting in Reception in September 2020.

    A very warm welcome to all of the new families who have chosen to join Kew Riverside! We are delighted that you have decided to join our school community.

    As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, our school needs to remain closed. This has meant that we need to review our current transition arrangements for your child. We are currently considering the best way to share information with you, and to get to know both your child and your family prior to starting with us in September.

    We will send out information in due course, but if you do have any questions in the meantime, please email these to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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  • Covid-19 Information for Parents and Carers

    Published 13/04/20

    All of the measures we have put in place in school are based on the most up-to-date DfE and Public Health England guidance as well as advice from the local authority, Achieving for Children. As a school community, it is obviously essential that every one of us adheres to Government and Public Health England guidance around Covid-19 – please see here.

    Attendance expectations

    In March when Covid-19 transmission rates were increasing, the government made it clear that no parent would be penalised or sanctioned for their child’s non-attendance at school. Now the circumstances are changing, it is vital for all children to return to school to minimise the long-term impact of the pandemic on children’s education. School attendance will therefore be mandatory from the start of Autumn 2020 term.

    What to do if you have symptoms of Covid-19

    If a member of staff, child or someone in their household displays any of Covid-19 symptoms (see here) they must stay at home, inform the school and follow the Government’s guidelines. A test will need to be carried out straight away to check for Covid-19. Tests can be ordered online, arranged through your GP, by phoning 119 or via a drive-through test site.  Please inform the school of the result as soon as you have received this. Your child will not be able to return to school until we receive the result.

    How the school will respond

    If your child or a member of staff develops symptoms whilst at school they will be moved to a separate ‘isolation’ room. This room will be well ventilated and staff accompanying the child will have to wear gloves and a mask. It is essential that we hold at least 2 up-to-date telephone numbers to contact you or a second named family member. If your child is unwell you will be expected to collect them immediately.

    We will follow the protocol laid out by Achieving for Children.  Please see Action To Take Flowchart below. 

    NHS Test and Trace

    Everyone is expected to engage in the NHS Test & Trace system. For more information please read the NHS document found here

    Travel to and from school

    • We are encouraging families to be active and walk, scoot and cycle to school. Children will be able to bring their bikes and scooters into the school grounds as normal. Please note that children in Yrs5 and 6 who cycle to school on their own must wear a helmet. They will not be allowed to leave the school grounds on their bikes without one.  
    • If you drive to school, please park respectfully and safely.
    • If children are travelling to school by public transport, they will need to remove their face coverings (which are now mandatory on buses and trains) before entering the school grounds. We ask that parents ensure their child understands how to do this safely. They will be expected to dispose of the facemask or ensure they have a separate bag to keep this in, which is then kept within their school bag.

    Drop-Off and Collection Times


    Time (am)

    Time (pm)


    Zebras (Y1)




    Giraffes (YR)




    Elephants (Y2)




    Crocodiles (Y4)




    Monkey (Y3)




    Rhinos (Y5)




    Lions (Y6)




    What to bring to School

    As we need to minimise contact, we are asking, where possible, for families to provide the following items:
    All year groups:

    • Water bottle – named.
    • Hat, coat, school bag, packed lunch (as required)

    Years 3-6 (only)

    • Sachet of tissues (to be kept in trays)
    • A simple pencil case such as this (no Smiggle-style ones please!!)
    • A set of colouring pencils, rubber, 30cm ruler, sharpener, glue stick and round-end ‘safety’ scissors (such as this)

    We advise that you keep a set of this equipment at home as well in case of the need to suddenly return to home-schooling.

    Years 5 and 6 (only)

    • Phones (optional)
    • Protractor

    School will provide writing pencils and pens.


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  • Holiday Activities

    Published 08/04/20

    The team at Kew Riverside have put together a list of activities that the children could be engaging with during isolation.

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  • Going Green at Kew Riverside

    Published 10/01/20

    Please enter an introduction for your news story here.

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  • Mental Health Day at Kew Riverside 2019

    Published 10/10/19

    The school launched its Mental Health Policy on Thursday 10th October 2019. 

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  • Inappropriate Computer Games

    Published 21/06/19

    Inappropriate Computer Games

    Attached is a letter from Peter Cowley, the local authority’s ICT and Online Safety Adviser, regarding the increasing reports of primary school children playing games rated 18+.  Please read carefully and take action if necessary.

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  • PGL Day 3

    Published 22/05/19

    Day 3 Some homesickness but generally all going well! 

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  • PGL Day 2

    Published 21/05/19

    Beach fun at PGL!


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  • Lions begin 2019 PGL!

    Published 20/05/19

    The Lions arrived safely at PGL and have now checked into their rooms. 

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  • School Weather Update

    Published 01/02/19

    This will be updated on Cold Weather Days.

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  • Snow Warning This Week

    Published 28/01/19

    The Met Office have issued a weather warning this week!

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  • KRPS doing well in 2018 school league tables

    Published 11/01/19

    Improvement in Writing and Maths in 2018 

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