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Vision & Mission Statements

In January 2018, the staff, children, governors and parents contributed to a consultation on the school's vision for the future.  

Our Vision Statements

  • To help our children become confident, resilient and socially responsible individuals who set and achieve the highest standards for themselves.
  • To provide a broad and rich curriculum that engages each and every child with indoor and outdoor learning of the highest quality.
  • To work in partnership with the whole school community, respond to its voice and value its diversity.

Our Mission Statements

During every school day

  • children engage with a broad and rich curriculum that meets their needs and helps them achieve their full potential.
  • we plan stimulating experiences, inside and outside of school, where children learn and develop new skills, knowledge and understanding.
  • children build values that will help support their confidence and their resilience in life beyond the school gate.
  • our children are happy, safe and secure.
  • the school community celebrates the importance of its cultural diversity, learning from one another in order to cooperate and collaborate.