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Religious Education (RE)

The aim of religious education is to enable the children to understand the nature of religion and fundamental questions of human existence.

  • Beginning to develop an understanding of the beliefs, practices and insights of religious faiths
  • Appreciating the place of religion in human life and the important way if affects the actions and attitudes of people
  • Becoming aware of the cultural, religious and spiritual heritage of members of the community
  • Developing respect for the rights of others to hold beliefs different from their own
  • Safeguarding the confidence of a child in his or her own faith

At Kew Riverside we have themes which run throughout the week, for example, friendship or world peace. These themes are talked about throughout the week, poems and prayers from around the world are used as a starting point for discussion and reflection.

Collective worship at Kew Riverside is carried out during assembly, where we have thinking time to reflect on the theme for the week.

Collective worship is provided under the terms of the Education Reform Act 1988.

Parents/Carers are advised that they have the right to withdraw their child from all or parts of the courses concerned with religious education or acts of collective worship that are incompatible with personal beliefs or cultures.

Please discuss all such requests for withdrawal with the Headteacher.