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Kew Riverside Primary School

Children at the heart of everything we do

Parent Voice / Class Reps

Class Reps meet with the Head Teacher at least once each half-term.  Parents and Carers are encouraged to contact their Class Rep to raise concerns or pose questions on their behalf.  This is an extremely important 'voice' for the Head Teacher to hear and respond to, especially for stakeholders who do not regularly drop off or pick up their children and have less contact with the school on a day to day basis.  The forum aims to be inclusive and informal, honest and open, and is led by parents to represent parents.  It is an excellent opportunity for both the school and parents to share ideas and bring about positive change.

Please read the latest meeting minutes below.

Class Reps has replaced 'Parent Voice'.

You we are...

In the summer 2017 Parent Survey, your feedback was extremely valuable in helping us to identify the areas we need to focus on over the next year and beyond in order to further improve the school.

There were 5 areas where you had indicated improvements needed to be made

1. Home learning - More work is needed

More support is needed from the school for children to practise the generic skills identified as key to progress and attainment in reading, writing and maths.  Through the website and support workshops, the school, will enhance provision in these areas. 

2. Bullying  - Much improvement noted due to the new behaviour policy

As identified by Ofsted in January 2017, our foucus is improving the younger children's understanding of bullying and how to prevent it happening. 

3. School Development Plan - More work is needed

In tandem with 'vision' work, the school are planning a 3-5 year Development Plan.  This will be published and shared with the whole school community.  Progress towards goals will also be shared via Governor minutes and the website.

4. Lunch time food and hall - More work is needed on the food, but more satisfaction with the hall

Closely working with ISS, the school caterers and the PSHE team, children's views of the quality of food and the whole lunchtime experience is an action plan for this year.  

5. Knowing more about what the Governors do - More work is needed . 

Governor updates will feature in the bulletin, as well as features from the JLT.  Planned action includes a printed interviews with voarious governors, presentation to governors from JLT and visits from governors published on the website and bulletin.