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Kew Riverside Primary School

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Monkey Class

 Welcome to Monkey Class where Sarah is the class teacher and Christina and Julie are the Learning Support Practitioners.

In Monkey class, we have a creative approach to learning.  This can mean travelling back in time to see what it was like during the fire of London, interviewing an author to find out why they chose a particular approach or acting out what we think would happen next.

See the base of this page for useful class information.


Stone Age

This is a website about making diffferent Stone Age things

Here is a game all about Stone Age cooking

Find lots of different facts about the Stone Age


Ancient Egypt

Lots of different games and links about Ancient History - including Egyptians


National Geographic Kids – 10 facts about Egypt


Find lots of fact about Ancient Egypt from hte BBC site




Fun websites and games about rivers

Information websites all about rivers

Fun water facts about water

Amazing geography website!river-facts/cfvg

Excellent website with lots of facts about rivers

Information about different rivers around the world

Facts about different features of a river


Here are some wonderful games