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Kew Riverside Primary School

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Can you Help

We are collecting (clean) denim/jeans for a sewing project in Lions.

We are collecting (clean) socks and leggings in Crocodiles for a sewing project

We are collecting cardboard tubes from paper towels in Zebras and Elephants for making rain sticks. 

Please note these will NOT be returned

Whole School Art Project, we are asking for each child to bring in a pebble/stone (ideally bigger than 4cm in length but less than 10cm) before the end of this half term. Please give them to your class teacher for collection.

Head’s Award Charitable Opportunity – a Message from Kew Neighbourhood Association for Rhino or Lion Children

Kew Neighbourhood Association would like help delivering its leaflets to blocks of flats in Brick Farm Close, Kew Riverside Development, Barker Close, Kew Road and on the A316.  In return for delivering leaflets to just one block of flats, they will supply a signed certificate of appreciation for children’s Head’s Award folders.

Click here to view a short film about the work of Kew Neighbourhood Association - Charity No 1034340

If you are happy for your child to carry out this one-off voluntary role, please phone Pippa Anderson on 07497 376 634 or email  to find out more. You will be sent a simple Parent/Carer Permission Form asking permission for your child to carry out this one off voluntary role for KNA and a signed agreement that an adult will be accompanying them.  Leaflets will be supplied to Lisa at Reception