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Kew Riverside Primary School

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Junior Leadership Team (JLT)

Junior Leadership Team (JLT)


We are the Junior Leadership Team (JLT). We represent Pupil Voice at Kew Riverside by listening to the views and suggestions of our peers and making changes when needed. Some things we are organising at the present time are:

  • A relationship with Penryn Primary Academy in Cornwall, which includes  Skype conversations between pupils of all ages. We are going to become involved with each other`s communities and exchange ideas on topics including sport.
  • Campaigning with Richmond Council to help reduce the amount of traffic/parked cars around our school area and develop plans to reduce the amount of  cars speeding through the zebra crossing outside school.
  • Improving the variety of  lunchtime and P.E. equipment.

We also work closely with the school governors to keep them informed of our changes and decisions and to seek advice when we need it.

Another area of responsibility we hold is fundraising. We raise money for a variety of charities and organisations and we run assemblies to teach all of the children in our school the importance of raising money for these charities and how their money can help make a difference.

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