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At Kew Riverside, we recognise the importance of teaching children about the history of Britain and the wider world so our curriculum ensures there is both a strong sense of chronology from Key Stage One into Key Stage Two and that there is a clear progression of skills through the years. Our teaching inspires children to ask questions about the past through enquiry and also to develop their ability to think critically by weighing up evidence and exploring different arguments. Through high quality teaching and curiosity based learning, we aim for all children to understand how the past influences the present and the importance of evaluating the evidence they use. Our lessons are designed to build on the children’s prior knowledge and to give them the tools they need to become inquisitive and independent learners. From Year 1 onwards, children receive History sessions in 4 week blocks where they get 3 hours of teaching each week. This allows the children to fully engage with their topic and build on their knowledge and skills in a meaningful way.


  • Trips to local and central London museums, sites and places of interest
  • Special visitors and workshops
  • Themed days involving the whole school community
  • Class assemblies that showcase children’s learning with families
  • Weekly School Library visits

Below are some useful website's for Primary History (Courtesy of the Historical Association)

Great Fire of London: