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About the Governing Body

The governing body oversees the direction of the school and works in partnership with the Headteacher and staff in:

  • Setting the vision and priorities for the school at a strategic level
  • Ensuring that the school makes progress towards the targets set in the School Development Plan
  • Approving the budget and regularly monitor the school’s finances
  • Setting a framework for key personnel management decisions
  • Helping the school to work effectively with parents and the wider community
  • Carrying out its legal functions and liaising with the Local Authority

Governors can be contacted via the school if you wish to discuss issues in relation to their role.

Much of the work of the governing body is done through two sub committees, the Curriculum and Achievement Committee (CAC), which deals with curriculum and standards, and the Finance and Resources (F&R) Committee which deals with finance, staffing, premises and community. These committees meet at least once every term and reports are made to the whole governing body. Additionally, small working parties may be set up to work on specific tasks.

Kew Riverside Governing Board Attendance 2022-23

Key: Y Attended A Absent NYA Not yet appointed R Retired G Guest


Stephen Hyams Y
Ardeep Virdi Y
Jen Cropley Y
Patrick Neave Y
Peter King A
Michelle Green Y
James Symonds Y
Donna Connor Y
Charlotte Hands-Wicks Y
Helen Oakley Y
Lisa McCann NYA
Hayden Hainsworth-Millar NYA


Stephen Hyams  
Ardeep Virdi  
Jen Cropley  
Patrick Neave  
Peter King  
Michelle Green  
Helen Oakley  


Stephen Hyams  
Ardeep Virdi  
Jen Cropley  
Patrick Neave  
Peter King  
Michelle Green  
Charlotte Hands-Wicks  
James Symonds