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Kew Riverside Primary School

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Junior Safety Officers

Junior Safety Officer Workshop

Junior Safety Officer (JSO)

When I went on a special trip to learn the role of being a JSO it was amazing! When I got to school it was a normal school day but then just before lunchtime Barney`s mum picked us up and we set off on our trip.

When we arrived we walked to a strange hall or church type building. Lunchboxes filled the room as everyone was having their lunch. Soon enough it was time to find our seats and Barney and I were at the front.

The instructor taught us about where to save things and was showing us some songs for the little kids. Now time had ticked by and we were about to go into our groups, collect our folders and jot some notes down. I was in the ducks group and Barney was in the trains group. We all worked on editing some Powerpoints presentations and showed all of our groups what we had made. We even had to sing a song to them, as if they we reception kids!

Lastly we met the mayor of Richmond.


Poppy - October 2014