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Rhino Class trip to Juniper Hall

Rhino Class trip to Juniper Hall (Part 1)

Having a Ball at Juniper Hall

The engine started... it was time to depart; let the journey begin! Sitting with friends and singing songs made time whizz by. Soon, we were at our destination.

Bags collected, rooms allocated, lunch devoured, we were raring to go.

Mastering the skill of using a compass came quite easily after an excellent session by our friendly and fun guide Nicola.

Next up, it was time to put these skills in to practise by going on a treasure hunt and setting mammal traps ( the traps weren't large enough to capture Nathan and Josh!). What will we find? Only time will tell.

Moo, moo, moo. Cows were a real highlight for Shaquille and a few others as well as the steep climb up Lodge Hill. Will this walk help to send the children off in to an early slumber? It's doubtful, but I'm sure the adults will sleep well!

Still to come: dinner time followed by a mini- Olympics. The buzz of excitement is rising. Could this day possibly get any better?

To be continued...