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Rhino Class trip to Juniper Hall

Rhino Class trip to Juniper Hall (Part 2)

And the winners are... So, the teachers' team won the indoor mini- Olympics last night. We could have let the children win, but Nathan's competitive streak came out in full force, and really the kids didn't stand a chance! Fun was had by all; the energy around the room was palpable. Mia, Blessed and Faheem did brilliantly with the tiddlywinks long jump challenge while Poppy, Duncan and Max aced the straw javelin!


Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we set off for an early morning fry up. Seeing the stunning surroundings was a sight for sore eyes and an image that we will remember fondly. Demonstrating impressive art skills were Suzana, Tea, Abbie and Roosa who created fantastic sketches of the area.


You're wondering what we found inside our mammal traps, aren't you? Well, we were very successful. Inside Beatriz and Ella's we had a cute wood mouse, Sam and Jake trapped a vole and Olivia and Rachel caught a shrew. We were lucky enough to have Michael and Lisa join us during this time and they were delighted with our trappings. Beware parents, you may get some requests for pet mice, voles and shrews!


Weather wise, it has been great! Warm and bright, the conditions have been perfect for building up our stamina with river dipping in estigations and exploring the area. Safin and Tom enjoyed having a piggyback by Nathan after a hard day at the office. It's Josh's turn next!


Later on this evening, we will be having a sing along around a campfire, reading your lovingly written letters and having some 'down' time in the common room, including a 'funny moments' awards ceremony of which there have been many. We are looking forward to having music provided by Jake, Iris, Barney and Rui yi. We've asked Josh to provide the dance moves!


Tomorrow, before our departure, prizes will be awarded for the tidiest and quietest rooms. The decision will be a tough one seeing as all children have demonstrated great personal and teamwork skills in many different ways.


Parents and family members, the children are representing Kew Riverside in fine form and each and every one of them is having an excellent time. You are never far from your child's thoughts, but rest assured they are safe, (clothed, fed and bathed!) and having a whale of a time! However, there may be a touch of sleep deprivation by the time Friday comes around. I'm sure you can imagine! Also, there has been talk of a potential ice bucket challenge scenario if the children do not get up in the morning when asked!


Apart from some unwanted eight legged friends (not mentioning any names - Estelle, Sophia and Mathilda!), everyone is happy with their room allocation and everyone is getting along swimmingly.


We look forward to seeing you on Friday afternoon when we can share the full extent of our experience. Lisa will be in touch with you regarding our estimated arrival time back at school.