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Kew Riverside Primary School

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Rhino class options

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Rhino class options

In Key Stage Two, classes can choose different subject they in our Options Programme. All children will get a different option, over the year.  Throughout this fact sheet I will answer all your questions – the range of Options include; Kews News, drama, Forest Schools and Blogging with Michael.

Why these are such good fun?

In Kews News you make fact files about different topics, including; Once I was In Kew News and thought it was really fun.   Lots of people like writing about pop stars like Jessie J or Taylor Swift. With all these topics to chose from its hard what too choose to write about!  Kew News is run by Laura Martin – in Rhino class.

In addition to this there is an area on the website where, at the end of the term, Laura put all of the articles on the website.

Why is Kew News brilliant?

  • You get to spend the time of your life
  • You get to write what you want to write about

Art with Jane.

Art is great because you get to make purses and other stuff like that!  Our school offers loads of opportunities for parents to see the amazing art work we do.

Forest  school with Olivia.

Olivia is the Crocodiles teacher and runs Forest Schools.  They go to Pensfield Field and discover different species of wild life in the field and the pond – they have also made make little paper boats to go on the pond!


Jake - Rhino Class