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Elephants Explorers

Find out about the Elephant Explorers!

In Elephant Class we have been explorers for our topic work. We learnt the 7 continents of the world - Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America and Antarctica. We also learnt the 5 oceans of the world - Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Southern and Indian. Did you know that the Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean in the world? It's name comes from the Latin word 'peaceful'.

We got to visit the Natural History Museum and become real explorers with hats and binoculars! We explored the mammal room and challenged ourselves to find an animal from every continent. Did you know that the elephant is from 2 different continents? Asia has the Asian elephant and Africa has the African elephant.

We have all been researching famous explorers for our home learning and bringing in posters and presentations to share with the class. Some of us even drew our own maps and made a 3D globe.

 It has been the best topic ever!