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Lion Class Scratch project

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Recently in our Year Six Computing class we have been working on making games on a free program called Scratch.

We have been learning how to code a game; (i.e. how to make a sprite move, or say something).   Some of us have progressed even further by discovering how Scratch is fantastic for doing extra homework. For example, our current science topic is micro-organisms and Emily has made a Scratch presentation about them. “It’s much better than PowerPoint”, quotes fellow class members, “It has so many more things to move and edit!”

The basics of Scratch are the moving blocks – these can be found on the side panel help you make: games, animations and quizzes.  We use these basic blocks to make the best of games and even more.

Scratch is such a good online community for everything you like, just search it up and you will most likely find whatever you like. It is fun, educational and engaging.

Most of us in class have gone home and made our own accounts.  We have excelled greatly and made games to share and get feedback from other members of Scratch online. They help us to improve and excel our games. One of our favourite aspects of Scratch is the question box where you can make different types of quizzes and change scores to see their scores.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that I’ve inspired you to start on Scratch yourself!

Here are some links to some games I have created

By George (Lion Class, year six)