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What is Scratch?  Read below to find out.....


What is Scratch? Read below to find out....

Scratch is a game programming tool for kids. It is run by the amazing university MIT (although Oxford recently was classed higher than them) and is totally free with no download required.

Even better, you can share your projects and comment on, <3 and * other peoples. It is like youtube but more educational, fun and friendly! Our class has just finished a unit on making games on scratch - from personality quizzes to battle scenes, everybody created a game or an animation.

Some of us went the extra mile. We ended up making our own accounts on Scratch and dealing with more complicated programming; here are some examples:

-Cloud data (highscores e.t.c)

-Variables and lists

-Joint blocks (enabling you to do anything!)

The most amazing thing about Scratch is that amateurs like me are sharing it with people who have owned their own software company for years and use it for pro games; someone even made Candy Crush with all the same effects!!!

I also love Scratch because I can use it for my homework. It is great for presentations and beats PowerPoint easily!

To check out what you can do on Scratch, check out this link:

By Emily