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Kew Riverside Primary School

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The School’s Guinea Pigs

Want to learn more about our school’s furry friends?

Want to learn more about our school’s furry friends?

This Q&A blog will introduce you to Fudge and Toffee, our two cute little guinea pigs our school’s pets.

Q= Why the names Fudge and Toffee?

A=When we got them, nobody could decide on their names so the JLT decided each class would vote for their favourite two names. The outcome of this was the names Toffee and Fudge.

Q=Where in the school do they live?

A=For their first few terms at KRPS, our guinea pigs lived in their cage in the front school foyer; over the kind, watchful eyes of receptionist Lisa. Now they have been relocated to our Community Room - in which the Fit for Sport club takes place. If you are in Fit for Sport, you can cuddle the guinea pigs along with many budding children who love their squeaky, cuddly ways.

Q=Who came before Fudge and Toffee?

A=Before Fudge and Toffee came to KRPS, we were mourning the sad death of Essie, the well-loved friend who lived for 8½ years.  Rumour has it that she got her name because many children called her S.P, standing for School Pet.

By Leila Davis, Year Six