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Buddhahapadipa temple trip

Year 5 trip to the temple

Buddhahapadipa temple trip

Rhino Class – October 2014

Two buses and one! That’s a lot. Eventually we arrived and our eyes were met with a spectacular view; a snow white and golden temple stood before us.

Lunches in hand, we walked up the steps to the temple. We all felt regal walking up those marble steps. When we reached the top we had to take our shoes off. Doors unlocked, we walked in cautiously.

A huge golden Buddha statue eyed us like a hawk as we stepped in. The whole place was silent. Never in my life had I seen such detailed paintings.  There was not a speck of white left on the wall, even the roof was covered in these magnificent painting!  There were celebrities dotted all over the place. For example, there was Superman, Sherlock Holmes, even Michael Jackson!

After a talk about Buddhism we had an AMAZING lunch (even though it was in the bird garden).  Well, Safin was afraid of the birds, especially the crows, because it ate his sandwich!!!   Safin also thought they would peck his head off! Apart from that, it was a great day!

Safin and I strongly recommend the temple to you and wish to see you there soon!