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Kew Riverside Primary School

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NPL Football Tournament

Find out about how our football team did at the NPL tournament

Wednesday 8th October 2014


Year 6:                                                     Year 5:

Sean Hogan                                     Shaquille Mosses

Sam Robert-Nicoud                         Sam Mohri

Miguel Pereira                                  Tom Farquhar-Smith

Josh Blitz                                         Max Ljungdahl

Jake Kitchen

Osama Saleem

Coaches: Adam and Nathan

First match: Kew Riverside v Saint Mary Mags

We were all very excited and nervous for our first competitive match. From the centre, the ball was passed to Sean; he made a darting run down the right wing and smashed it in the top corner. 1-0 in seconds!

Mary Mags made an attack through the middle and took a steaming shot. Tom just got a fingertip to the ball and it spun out wide for a corner. Josh controlled the ball and smashed it into an open space for Sam to run on to, he took a wild shot which was deflected. Sam took the corner and Shaquille tapped the ball into the back of the net. 2-0 and we were ecstatic!

Jake booted the ball into space and Sean ran on to the ball. He sprinted past all the defenders and… SMASH IT HOME! The ball was behind the goalkeeper. 3-0 to the champions!

The final goal was brilliant! The ball was played to Sam who ran past all the defenders, around the goalie and before we knew it – the ball was in the back of the net. The final whistle blew and we were champions at last.

4-0 WIN to KRPS!

Second game: Kew Riverside v St John’s the Baptist

After the first game we felt a lot more confident. We were defending for a lot of the game but after half time, we had a goal kick. Tom passed the ball to Jake, who passed it on to Josh, Josh smashed it to Sean, Sean crossed it into the box where he found Shaquille – who curled it into the back of the net. We all were celebrating with joy! The final whistle went. Hero’s again.

1-0 WIN to KRPS!

Third Game: Kew Riverside v Trafalgar Juniors

This Game was brilliant! We were attacking like no other team had, but the goalkeeper was too strong. There was a goal kick which went to one of their strikers who took a shot which deflected off Sean, hit Sam and past Tom into our goal.

1-0 down!

Our heads still held high, the half time whistle blew. Adam and Nathan gave us a good team talk. After that, we went out thinking we could still win this. We had a goal kick. This was crucial. Josh took it and booted it up field to Sam who did an amazing touch and flicked it on to Sean who curled it round the goalie - 1-1.

Last minute of the game. We were fighting like crazy (not literally). Trafalgar took the centre ball. Sam was on it. He sprinted to the player, made a fantastic tackle and got the ball - ran past all the defenders and beat the goalie. In the back of the net was where the ball was. Shaquille screamed from the touchline and made the pitch rumble. We were through to the knock out stages

2-1 WIN to KRPS!

Quarter-finals: Kew Riverside v Trafalgar Juniors (again)

We were gradually getting more nervous, because we knew if we lost, we were going home. We were against the same team, which made our courage grow. After almost half the game defending we were getting more and more nervous.

A corner to Trafalgar and a counter attack was made. Tom punched the ball to Miguel and he passed it on to Sean, who crossed it to Sam , who ran all the way to the goal and… back of the net. Our hearts were pounding. We wanted the game to be over but it felt like hours. Finally the final whistle went and we ran off the pitch with smiles all around.

1-0 WIN to KRPS!

Semi-finals: Kew Riverside v SMSP

Excitement was filling inside of us.  We knew we were two matches away from being the Borough Champions which meant we would get to play at a professional football stadium. The play had started and we were on it like magnets. We let them get past us and past Tom within minutes... And again... And again... And again...

We were down in the dumps, but we didn’t give up. Our hearts were broken at half time, but Adam reassured us. We battled hard and wouldn’t stop fighting. Although we lost, we will be remembered as the Kew Riverside team who had got the furthest in any tournament and were non-stop battlers.

6-0 Loose

We went back to school with smiles on our faces and went down as semi-finalists and never gave up.


Reporters: Sean and Josh