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Kew on a Plate

Planting pumpkins with Raymond Blanc!


It all began in May when we went as Year Five students (Rhinos) to Kew Gardens.  All we were had been told was that famous chef Raymond Blanc would be helping us to grow pumpkins and squash for a BBC Two production called “Kew on a Plate”.  Meeting Raymond was a great experience as he taught us many important things about growing food and the miraculous circle of life; mainly saying that “it all starts with a seed”.

Being in front of the camera isn’t always as easy as it may seem, as we began to learn.  We had to keep being told again and again not to look directly at the camera lens, wait for aeroplanes to pass before speaking (as the soundman said he couldn’t hear us when it went past!) and to raise our voices to be heard.

Taking part in the activities while we were being filmed was fun and inclusive with the Kew gardener, Joe, who told us how to plant our seeds in pots, transfer them to the soil and then how to harvest our pumpkins.   This took place in our final session, where towards the end we had massive haul of impressive pumpkins ranging in size.

Overall, our filming journey was a great experience we’ll never forget  -  partly because Raymond gave us his signature (and one for Rachel)!!

We look forward to seeing the program on BBC Two next year.

By Leila and Miguel, Year Six students of Kew Riverside Primary School

(October 2014)